• 1932


    Restaurant Old Dutch, then bodega, opened on April 15 1932 at Coolsingel 103 led by Toon Mannes. Bodega Old Dutch was particularly popular with the wealthy and self-conscious Dutchman. However, after more than seven years disaster strikes.
  • 1940


    The success was rudely interrupted by the bombing of May 14, 1940 during the 2nd World War. Bodega Old Dutch lost irretrievably destroyed. In the same year Toon Mannes and his brother Wim opened a new restaurant at the Rochussenstraat.
  • 1950


    During the 2nd World War there was a shortage of fuel. Many buses and trams were advanced, and in the absence of the current tram network was shut down in 1944. Less then 6 years after the cessation RET strain place was the Rochussenstraat commissioned.
  • 1957


    Old Dutch was in 1957 one of the first restaurants in the Netherlands receiving a Michelin star. The wealthy Dutchman’d arrived in Old Dutch. Port Barons and other dignitaries came here regularly have a drink and do business.
  • 1958


    In 1958 the then line 36 between the Heemraadsplein through the Maas Tunnel and the Green Way of the Cross to Pernis and Hoogvliet split into line 36 and line 38 to Pernis to Hoogvliet. Bus 714, line 38, still made a stop at the stop on Rochussenstraat.
  • 1963


    The Belgian royal family, consisting of wife Princess Paola and Prince Albert of Liege, honored Old Dutch in 1963 with a visit. In 1957 the star of the menu was the Escurion, a dish of sliced veal in Madeira sauce, North Sea sole and fried peach.
  • 1980


    On April 1st, 1980 Aad van der Stel joined in the service of Restaurant Old Dutch. One of his tasks was to bring back life into the restraurant. He introduced the “dinner dance” with performances such as The Millers, Rita Reys or Pia Beck. It would become a great success.
  • 1996


    Old Dutch state for some special traditions. The annual udder board dinner is such a tradition. Some day André van Duin and Tom Westermeijer talked about poverty in South Rotterdam. They decided annually udder board to eat with a group of friends.